Month: June 2019


Newly-qualified solicitor Eve Brelsford is set to become a leading light in family law across the
region … according to Sarah Bentley.

Eve, 26, was the first recruit when we opened our doors in 2017 and now the former trainee is celebrating
becoming a fully-fledged solicitor in her own right.

“Eve has all the necessary attributes – both professionally and personally – and her ability with people is
truly outstanding,” said practice owner Sarah.

“It’s a great feeling to qualify and I owe Sarah so much,” said the former student at Westholme School
(Blackburn) and Burnley Sixth Form College. “She is the perfect role model and has been quick to pass
on her knowledge and understanding of family law based on 30 years’ experience.”

Eve, who lives in Hurst Green, achieved a Masters Degree in Law at Northumbria University.

And Sarah believes Eve’s emergence holds the key to further progress for the firm, adding: “We deal in a
very complex area of law and guarantee expertise and sensitivity across every case. Eve has already
shown me that she has what it takes to deal with all aspects of family law and her qualifying as a solicitor
is great news for her and for us.”